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The NJWCS 2010 68th Annual Open Juried Exhibition Highlights


• Carole Pickle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Millersville University and has had her award-winning work shown in over 23 Juried Exhibitions since 1996. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, Allied Artists of America, The Rocky Mountain Watercolor Society and seven other groups. Carol and her work have been the subject of articles in the August 2002 issue of American Artist Magazine, the February 2005 issue of Watercolor Magic magazine, and the Winter 2007 issue of Watercolor magazine.
In her own words, she says: "My bold, immediate sweep of of line and paint results in intuitive, gestural paintings. The strong thrust of my marks creates a sense of movement. In some ways my paintings are an abstraction from nature. They are not descriptive, literal, or narrative, nor do they work as a direct translation. They are visual experiences that go beyond words to create a harmony of feelings, gesture, intuition and passion."

• Richard Brzozowski writes: "I was born in New Britain, Connecticut in 1932. My interest in art began after I was discharged from the Army. Ater the Korean War, veterans were still eligible for the G.I. Bill. (This was money from the government given to Vets for education.) I decided to become an interior decorator. I enrolled in a course at the Paier School of Art in New Haven, but when I took the required courses in drawing and painting, I soon decided that art was to be my career. After graduation I got a job in advertising and commercial art and did my fine art in the evening. Some of my accomplishments are: Over 40 years as a member of the American Watercolor Society which I servrd as Corresponding Secretary and 2nd Vice President. I an also a member of Allied Artists (NY), Conneticut Artists of America, and two other groups. I have received 262 local and national awards since 1958, including 4 awards from the American Watercolor Society and the Copely Society of Boston. Six of these awards were purchase awards, and I am so fortunate to be listed in Who's Who in American Art."

The Jurors Statements:
"We are honored to be chosen as the Jurors of Awards for the New Jersey Wartecolor Society's Annual Open Exhibition 2010. The judging process is never an easy task, especially when choosing from a variety of expressions of high quality. We awarded those paintings that held our attention, excitedand moved us. These paintings were imaginative and reflected a personal vision of the artist. Good design and visual impact were important as was authority in the use of materials. We thank each artist who shared a part of themselves in making this a first class exhibition."


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