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The New Jersey Water Color Society Silver Medal Of Honor

Yearly, the New Jersey Watercolor Society presents its highest award, the NJWCS Silver Medal of Honor, to a member who has demonstrated both excellence with an entry to the annual show as well as provided superior service in the Society. This list is a fine roster of past and present receivers of the medal. See below painting for past year recipients.

The 2011 Silver Medal of Honor recipient is Pat Dews
with: 2 plus 1

Click here for other awards from the 2011 show...



1955 Jane Oliver
1958 Lucille Hobbie (Heimrod)
1960 Eleanor Maurice
1962 John Angelini
Winter Morning
1963 Lucille Hobbie (Heimrod)
Lobster Cove
1964 William D. Gorman
Red Structures
1965 Jane oliver
Corner, N. Main
1967 Klaus Krutzka
Doogan Hills
1968 Leo Monti
Eternal City
1970 Everett Sahrbeck
Atlantic City
1971 Nicholas Reale
Mending Nets in Nazare
1972 Leo Monti
1973 Kent Day Coes
The Summit
1974 William D. Goram
House By The Bridge
1975 Arthur Barbour
The Pier
1976 Robert Sakson
Apple Stump
1977 John C. Bermingham
Harevy T. Leach, Insurance
1978 Roberta Carter Clark
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
1979 Betty Stroppel
Sara's Sweater
1980 Carol Bermel Kraemer
Tidal Pool
1981 Roberta Carter Clark
Bright Nocturne
1982 Nicholas Reale
Homage to Henry
1983 Robert Sakson
1984 Edwin Havas
Boston Lace
1985 Nessa Grainger
1986 Roberta Carter Clark
Lunch Break, Uptown
1987 Santo Pezzutti
Lady With Hat
1988 John C. Bermingham
Phillip's Farm
1989 Dorothy S. Ganek
1990 Kent Day Coes
Harbor Traffic
1991 Nat Lewis
House at Harts Neck
1992 Robert Sakson
Artist's Table
1993 Pat Dews
Wrapped Rocks
1994 Arthur J. Barbour
Shades of Another Era
1995 Anthony Ventura
Morning Along The Gaspe
1996 Hella Bailin
Market Night
1997 John C. Bermingham
Cape Cod Evening
1998 Anthony Ventura
Morning Light
1999 Rhoda Yanow
2000 Burton Longenbach
Place in Pennsylvania
2001 Robert Heyer
Summer Reflections
2002 Anthony Ventura
The Boatyard
2003 Charles McVicker
The Yellow Dinghy
2004 Joel Popadics
Little Hunter's Beach
2005 Michalyn Tarantino
Slicing Steel
2006 David T. Lee
Village Morning
2007 Marge Chavooshian
2008 Ken hamilton
2009 Virginia May
Filling In The Hours...
2010 Donna Roettger Evening River


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