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                               2013 Annual Luncheon

Nora Chavoosian & Susie Anastasia                  Ann and Allen Taylor

Barbara March and friend                                  Bill Redden and Donald Voorhees

Bob And Judy Ballance                                      Carole and Ed Szep

Debby Fryer and Medy Bozkurtian                    Donna, Carole, Ed and Eileen

Eileen Niebisch and Adrian Holmes                   Elsa Herrmann and Marge Chavoosian

Flo Rosenberg, Nina Harlan & Lois Sanders     Lisa Grob and Deborah Redden

Mr and Mrs Tom Wilczewski                              Nissan Gallant,Evette Chusid, and Rita Bodner

Nora Winn, Allen, Ann, Joan Mckinney, Jinnie May


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