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2022 Annual Elected Members' Exhibition

Hana Aviv • Warm  Glow

Edward Baumlin
Beach Antique

Michael Berardesco
Caught in the Light

Lisa Budd • Low Tech

Maryann Burton
Bowery View

Sal Caldarone
End of Summer

Mark deMos
Memorial Weekend at Wick

 Derek Cameron • Rip Tide

Jill Crouch • Sparrow Family

Kim Eckstrom
Culinary Still Life

Doris Ettlinger
Red Amaryllis

Tim Gaydos • Dawn

MaryAnn Goodwin
Garden Tools

Katherine Gray • Freight Side

Ann Greene • Cakewalk

Richard Hoffman
Camac Street

Mona Kirk • The Bait Shop

Theresa Kubert • First Date

Elise Morenon • Water World

Peter Meadowsong
Halal Gyro Express

Sandy Mezinis • Le Jardin

Maria Payer • Cup or Cone

Elizabeh Schippert
Geisha’s Night Off

MaryLou Shipman
Shell Garden

Michael Scherfen
At The Bazaar

Dee Turba
Path to Barney

 Maureen Gass-Brown
Showering Flowers

Henrieta Maneva
Ruse Bulgaria

Susanna Anastasia
Rain, Sleet & Snow

Denise Cocchiaro
Enchanted Path

Nora Winn
Ask And You Shall Receive

Deborah Redden
Perry Lane

Nancy Robinson
Little Gardener

Barbara March
Autumn Splendor

Robert Sussna

Marilyn Rose • Deskscape

Paul Jablonski • Lolita

Richard William Haynes
Whiter Shade of Pale

Diana Patton
Tomato Tangle

Joan Capaldo
Alms for the Temple

Richard William Haynes
Whiter Shade of Pale

Linda Arnold • On My Walk

Pamela Leggate
The Red Pillow #2

Steve Zazenski
Morning Key West


Peggy Dressel • Kisses

Gwynn DiPilla
Gone But Not Forgotten

Jackie St. Angel
Harry's Favorite Hat


Rita Feeney • Indulgence

Margaret Kukafka • Wonder

Eileen Ziegler • Tulip Glow



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