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The NJWCS 73rd Annual Open Juried Exhibition Award Winning Artists


John Salminen, AWS D.F., NWS-Juror of Selection
Thank you to the New Jersey Water Color Society for giving me the
opportunity to play a part in this outstanding exhibition. Thank you also
to all of the contributing artists whose work truly represents the depth
and breadth of contemporary watercolor. The selected pieces range from
technically sophisticated and carefully planned representational work
to loosely executed spontaneous expressions of pure transparency. The
subjects are as varied as the visions of the individuals who created them. I
believe a society exhibition is an opportunity to share the talent, skill and
creative insights of today’s working watercolorists and I invite the public to
take inspiration and delight in a world seen through the uniquely personal
perspectives of the artists of New Jersey.
Nancy Barch, AWS-Awards Judge
What were the judges thinking? This is a common question asked and
certainly understandable. I look for creativity first. I want to see an artist’s
personal vision being expressed. For that you may have to give a little in
other areas but I think that’s worth the sacrifice. You may not agree with me
but judging exhibits involves an assessment of quality, technical skills, design
and creativity. All important elements every judge or juror should bring
to the job.
James McFarlane, AWS-Awards Judge
I am honored to have had the opportunity to judge your 73rd Exhibition.
The overall quality of the work was high and selecting one artist’s work over
another is always difficult. It was my goal to evaluate each artist’s work as
seriously as he or she did in creating it. Technical handling and knowledge
of the medium is important, as is presentation. However, it is the personal
statement-the visual poetry-of the work that is most important to me. Of
course there are never enough prizes. Congratulations to all participants and
to the NJWCS for a great show.

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