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78th Annual Open Juried Exhibition
Thank you to Juror of Selection Kathleen Giles AWS
Congratulations to All

Susanna Anastasia • The Sunbathers

Henrieta Maneva • Venetian Door

Linda Arnold • Reflections

Barbara March • Autumn Sunset

Judy Ballance
What Can I Get Into Next?

Diana Marta • Fishbowl

Jan Becker • Chateau Maria Antoinette

Fran Maurer • Maine Street Scene

Michael Berardesco • Rockfall

Frances McManus • Christmas Piper

Patrick Biesty • Late Stay

Charles McVicker AWS • Miss Picasso

Lisa Budd • We're Missing Bob

Peter Meadowsong
American Museum of Natural-History #1

Sal Caldarone • Bella Sera

Sandy Mezinis • Locked Down in Covid


Derek Cameron • Invisible Man

Raymond Moran • Traffic Jam

Joan Capaldo • Magnolias

Elise Morenon • Enchanted Forest

Denise Cocchiaro • Autumn Walk

Robert Nardolillo • NYC

Frank Colaguori • Old Door

Marie Natale • The Gourmet Touch

Jill Crouch • Fifth Position

Arlene Newman • Blue Mussels

Angelito David • Homebound

Dianne Nungesser
April Showers May Flowers


Mark de Mos • Comfortable Elegance

Elizabeth Oberman
A Quest for Treasure

Gwynn Di Pilla • Old Reliable

Roberta Oliver
Heavenly Bodies At the Met

Peggy Dressel • The Gift of Love

Diana Patton • Lobster Quadrille

Linda Durbano • Doggie Distancing

Maria Payer • Hitched Up

Kim Eckstrom • Colorful Steed

Jan Perrottey • Lemon Squeeze

Doris Ettlinger • Turkey Vultures

Isabella Pizzano • Under the Surface

James Fiorentino • Quiet Afternoon

Joel Popadics
Along the Ancient Sacred Way Delphi

June Fisher-Markowitz
Pretty Little Dutch Girls

Susanne Porter • Looking For A Button

Christine Friedman
Waiting In Pursuit

Michele Rath • Lady in Waiting

Maureen Gass-Brown • Demure

Donna Read • Cascading Roses

MaryAnn Goodwin • Luxe Dreams

Deborah Redden • Street Magic

Orna Greenberg • Medley of Bok Choy

Nancy Robinson • State Street

Ann Greene • At the Edge of Perception

Donna Roettger • Last Light

Glenda Haas • Venetian Grafitti

Martha Rolland • Facetime

Ken Hamilton • Blue Hill Stone Barn

Marilyn Rose • Confetti Kind of Day

Richard William Haynes
From Me to You

Thomas E Rutledge • Sneakbox Skiff

Linda Hejduk • Belgium Convent

Margie Samuels • Dogwood

Robert Heyer • Being Patient

Donna Sanderson • Diesel

Richard Hoffman
On The Way To Batsto

Tim Saternow
Lucy Cross House, Provincetown

Raymond Horner
Irvington Landscape

Michael Scherfen
Swiss Guard, Vatican City

Judith Hummer • Don't Give Up on U.S

Joyce Scribner_Joyce
Say Cheese...Cake

Paul Jablonski • At Van Saun Park

Wayne Skyler • Three's Company

Sandra Jones • Time for Tea

Philip Smallwood
In the Heat of the Day

Barbara Kaiser • Liftoff At Union Hotel

Jackie St. Angel • Steeler Nation

Marcia Kanter
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Mel Stabin • Reflections of Venice

Beth  Kantor • Tropical Waters

Robert Stetz • Shady Characters

Theresa Kubert • What She Saw

Linda Taffe • Blue Heron on the Shore

Margaret Kukafka • Bob

Debbie Tintle • Winter Dream

Nancy Lang • Window to Antiquity

Dee Turba • Pebbles

Pamela Leggate • Forgotten Sentinel

Al Vesselli • Fresh Cut

Eileen Ziegler • Stranger in the Mist

John Wolff III • Abby

Jim Maloney • Fall Reflections


Rita Feeney
Frelinghuysen Roses Garden

Steve Zazenski • Morning Light




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