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3rd Annual Associate Members Show

Jan Becker•Serenity

Charles Bednarik•Greyhound

Dante Bonardi•Going to Church

Sharon Buttress•Foxes at Taku Lodge

Gail Carbine•Out of the Blue

Todd Doney•Swamp, Nov 7, 7:25AM

Kim Eckstrom•Big Red

Patricia Elliot•Dad

MaryAnn Goodwin•His Shoes

Orna Greenberg•Behind Main Street

Linda Hejduk•Royal Palace in Buda

Domira Hernandez-Smith
English Garden

Wendy Kovacs•Abracadabra

Pamela Leggate•Trapped

Jim Maloney•Misty Pond

Arlene Newman•Little Red Fox

Peggy Dressel•Tate

Christine O'Hagan•Rosie

Martha Rolland•Succulents

Joni Rose•Rock Garden ll

Tim Saternow•
West 13th St, Meatpacking

Joyce Scribner•Still Life with Ching

Jackie St. Angel•Biergarten

Robert Stetz•Rte 33 West

Mel Vigman•Dordogne

Eileen Ziegler•Sara and Sarah

Linda Durbano
•Ready to Show

Irene Grabowski•Fld Exotica

Patrice Kirkinis•Front Line Heroes

Shar Kennett•Almost Home

Ewa Pokora•Hope Springs

Margaret Tierney•Amsterdam

Randy Mayer
Under the Boardwal, Down by the Subway

Jane Getty•Ocean Grove

Jean Davidson•Space Fantasy

Nancy Edwards•Reflections

Dianne Nungesser•Reflections

Raymond Horner
Whiting, New Jersey 3M

Patricia Nolan•Jamie Reid

Edward O'Rourke•Mayapple

Jacquelin Pidgeon
Closed for the Night



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