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4th Annual Associate Members Show

Jan Becker
Patriotic Beach Haven •NFS

Charles Bednarik • Acer • NFS

Patrick Biesty
Lafayette Barn on the Walkill

Miki Bjorkland
Black Hat • $1,800

Kat Block
Good Old Fashion Roses • $600

Grayce D Bochak
Coast Guard Flotilla Memorial
Day Ceremony • NFS

Dante Bonardi
House at Dusk • NFS

Derek Cameron
Very Apeeling • $1,200

Joan Capaldo
Respect The Burden • $500

Gail Carbine
Robin and Kiwi • NFS

YuhJu ChuWu
Blooming • NFS

Linda D'Urbano
Venice • $1,000

Prapti Das
Flowers On Vines • $120

Jean Davidson
Bold Expression • $300

Peggy Dressel
A Precious Gift • NFS

Kim Eckstrom
Hanging Out at the Market



Nancy Edwards
Loose And Lovely • $250

Patricia Elliot
The Splinter • NFS

Doris Ettlinger
Spring Floral • NFS

Jane Getty
Fofoti Tree at Water's Edge

Judi Gilden
August Gold • $2,000

MaryAnn Goodwin
Spring Arrangement • $750

Orna Greenberg
Momento Mori • $1,125

Linda Hart
Sunset Mooring • NFS

Linda Hejduk
Butch Art Gardens • 16x20

Richard Hoffman
House on Rt. 1 • $1,800

Estela Werlen-Jacinto
Glacier and Sister • $300

Shar Kennett
Sleeping Boy at The Met

Rita Koch
Porch Puckerer • $375

Pamela Leggate
The Tourists • NFS

James Maloney
Koi Pond-21A • $1,500

Dana Martino
Stargazer • $675



Randy Mayer
Brooklyn Bus Stop • $1,000

Yvonne Mucci
Super Safe • NFS

Melisa Nash
Hoboken • $100

 Arlene Newman
Summer Days • $1,500



Chas Palminteri
Robin • $1,500

Jacqueline Pidgeon-Pankuck ...and all of a sudden, they are in college…• NFS

Phyllis Raskin
Union Forge Bridge • NFS

Michele Rath
Fruit, Vegetables, Art • $450

Martha Rolland
Hen Party • NFS

Theresa Ruffo
Winter Bloom • NFS

Joyce Scribner
On the Edge • $350

Monica Sebald-Kennedy
Plaza Mayor, Salamanca • NFS

Margaret Simpson
Spring Woods • $450

Jackie St. Angel
Joanne • $400

Margaret Tierney
Peter Rabbit • NFS

Peggy Trerotola
The Judge's Shack • NFS

Melvin Vigman
Around The Bend • $150

Yuliya Yemtsova
Blooming • $200

Lisa Zablocki
Orcas Island • NFS
Eileen Ziegler
Hello Spring! • $285


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