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2023 Annual Online Associate Members Show Awards

Best in Show

MaryBeth McCabe, Bathed in Light

Juror's Comment
The artist has taken a mundane scene and made it sing with her use of light and color.  The composition first brings your eyes to the bright windows and then directly across to the right at the sunlit object on the corner of the table.  I then find myself then looking at the softly lit objects to the left of that before my eyes move down to the boxes of objects in front.  The artist effectively uses hard lines where the focus is and softer lines in the other areas.  The use of warm colors where the light hits and cool colors for the shadows is brilliant.


2nd Place

Amy Arons • Cockadoodle Ewe

Juror's Comment
This is a unique and fun composition with a playful title.  It has a dreamlike feel, reminiscent of a Marc Chagall painting.   The artist has placed the focal point squarely in the middle, which is oftentimes a mistake, but she has made it work.  The sheep in the center looks directly at us, along with most of them.  
I find myself curious to figure out how each one is connected.  You can feel the softness of their coats with the soft layers of color and light.  The rooster adds a pop of color and curiosity to the painting.  The background colors help tie the painting together

3rd Place

Marybeth Hekman • Spring Skyscape

Juror's Comment
This is lively composition that first draws your eyes to the cluster of flowers on the middle, right side, and then clockwise around to the rest of the painting.  The bright blue is a wonderful contrast with the warm colors in the flowering tree.  The branches are well done and help the compliment the composition.  The variety of pinks, reds, and purples in the flowers demonstrate great skill and use of the medium. 

Merit Awards

Linda Durbano • Rose Cascade

Juror's Comment
This simple composition has been made exciting through the use of light, color and fluid brush strokes.  The extreme contrast of light and dark makes the flowers jump out.  The red is exciting and lively. The artist used warm and cool colors effectively.   The blue on the fence was an excellent choice for showing the shade.  This blue also works well with the blue-green in the background.  The angles of the fence and hill of the backyard come together perfectly. 

Linda Hejduk • Buddies

Juror's Comment
A loosely done portrait executed beautifully.   This artist shows clear understanding of dividing their lights and darks and how to effectively use them.  I love the simplicity of the details, but yet there is plenty there to capture likeness.  I also love the painterly brush strokes that are not overly blended.  The man’s gaze brings you in to look at him more closely and then brings your eyes down to see the dog and his expression of devotion. 

Sheeja Thottappillil • Habaneros

Juror's Comment
These peppers sparkle!  The artist did an excellent job in showing the light on each pepper.  The use of reds is well done, showing lights and darks effectively.   The placement of the green stems works well with moving your eyes through the composition. The dark blue is a perfect contrast for the background.   

Laura Beard • Fragile Balance

Juror's Comment
Precise detail makes this painting special.  I can imagine the fun this artist had doing the wings!  That took skill and patience!   The wings and body of this insect are what make it exceptional.  The detail on the head and body are well done.  The white of the paper was effectively saved to help make it sparkle. 

Stephen D'Amato • Refuge

Juror's Comment
This is a pleasing composition with an excellent use of perspective.  The trees are a nice contrast to the straight lines of the deck and bricks.  The colors work well together.  The yellow in the background was an outstanding choice for contrast and pulling the yellow from the side of the building together.  The yellow in the top of the trees effectively shows the sunlight. 


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