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2023 Annual Elected Members' Exhibition and Awards

A Letter from the Juror

This has been a wonderful privilege and honor to jury this masterful show. My only regret
was that I wasn't able to see all of the amazing paintings in person on the art filled walls of an
exhibit. This show definitely belonged in a gallery for myself and others to enjoy! Being an
Awards Juror is such an interesting paradox. On one hand, it is a great honor to be bestowed
with the task of selecting works that exemplify the highest levels of artistic achievement. Yet, on
the other hand, it is the unenviable process of crediting only a select few artists with awards
amongst all of the worthy participants.

This show was no exception. I have truly invested in
experiencing, and digesting everything that each artist so carefully expressed in each work. I
allowed myself time to have a dialogue with each of the pieces. I’ve listened to each story and
let the artist and artwork take me on a visual journey. Some paintings provoked thoughtfulness,
while others invoked nostalgic memories and some evoked a more emotional experience. It was
increasingly evident that the level of art on display is a testament to the artistic prowess of the
New Jersey Watercolor Societies members and the exceptional abilities of each Artist. It was
obvious after a few slides that I would have a complex task of selecting winners out of this
collection. I find that no matter how familiar I am with the medium of watercolor, artists always
find ways to present the medium with new and refreshing techniques. I am always delightfully
surprised at how artists choose to handle watercolor to accomplish the desired effects and solve
the multitude of problems that arise from making a painting. Kudos to all of you for your
wonderful craftsmanship and ingenuity!

I would like everyone to know that regardless of the award distinctions, every artist’s work presented in this show is of the highest caliber! And a special congratulations to all the award winners! Thank you for letting me be a part of this event and share a moment on your artist journey!

Cheers to the Bold,
Andrew Kish III


Best In Show
Tim Saternow • 203 Terminal Food, W. 29th St.
I was immediately struck with the mood and nostalgia associated with this piece. The technique and draftsmanship are fantastic. The spattered washes are reminiscent of stained and faded photographs from a forgotten era and are perfectly articulated in this painting. Congratulations on a strong painting both compositionally and emotionally! Well Done!

Award of Excellence
Margaret Kukafka • Resilience

It takes mere seconds to realize that this artist has an amazing feel
for watercolor. The lost and found edges and the subtle handling of the shadows are all done to perfection as they play accompaniment to the most important part in this piece, its emotional impact. This painting's true power is told through the emotional gaze of its subject and the masterful paint handling in his eyes. Beautiful!

Award of Excellence
Roberta Oliver • Love Glistens

Painting animals and water are two very complex subjects to render.
To accomplish both as successfully as they are painted here is truly a treat for our senses. I am extremely impressed with the visual textures that the artist was able to capture along with the subtle nuances of color that are present in the white feathers. The warm washes in the shadows…wow… Bravo!


Award of Excellence
Richard Hoffman • Walking Along Union Street

Everyone needs a splash of color in their lives and this painting practically pours it on! The ultramarine's that permeate the shadows juxtaposed to the burnt sienna leaves in this fall scene are fantastic. You can all but feel the warm sunlight on this brisk fall day. Two thumbs way up.

Award of Merit
Doris Jetliner • Lilacs and Early May Flowers

Watercolor in its simplest form presents its most profound nature,
its transparency. Compositionally and technically this painting sings!
The complimentary color choices along with the simplistic background coupled with the most beautiful calligraphic marks within the flowers
all add up to a wonderful example of artistic harmony. Outstanding!

Award of Merit
Richard William Haynes • Twist and Shout

I don’t know if it is human nature to add human characteristics to plants and animals, but we find ourselves looking for those traits everywhere around us. This painting stands as a perfect example. Two flowers entwined in a co dependent relationship, thriving and overcoming all odds. Outside of the masterful composition and subject on display, this painting achieves a mesmerizing balance of light and dark that commands attention
even from a distance. Excellent!

Award of Merit
Derek Cameron • Storm Debris

Painting nature can be extremely complex and chaotic. In this painting the artist was able to tame the complexity while also giving us an unbelievable amount of information to digest. The choice of subject truly lives up to the title as I constantly found myself wanting to traverse the log and explore into the distant background around the piles of fallen trees. The tension created in this piece gives way to a grand imaginative adventure. Remarkable!

Award of Honor
Michael Berardesco • Harvest Vault

The amount of detail encapsulated in even a small portion of this painting
is magnificent. The dry brushing technique used to achieve the countless textures gives us an amazing visual experience. You can feel the wood grain on the time weathered boards and the roughness on the stones of the cellar. This is a true homage to a time long ago. Amazing!


Award of Honor
Lisa Budd • Around the Bend Again

What a fitting title for this somber piece of atmospheric watercolor.
The artist so eloquently describes the simplicity of everyday life in the
rural northeastern states during the snowy winter months. The confidence
of brushwork coupled with the beautiful wet-in-wet wash handling in the
background make for a literal walk down memory lane. I guess in paintings as in life, all roads lead home! Brilliant!

Award of Honor
Glenda Haas • Franske Tomater

There is something so magical about how light dances and reflects across a shiny subject. The shimmer of light on each of these “tomaters” is handled fantastically. With the subtlety of color and delicate painting technique on display it really is a “feast” for the eyes! Great Job



Anastasia, Susanna • The Old Man of the Sea

Arnold, Linda • In Flight

Aviv, Hana • Iris

Baumlin, Edward • Old Oak Tree

Caldarone, Sal • Snow Day (Callia)

Capaldo, Joan • Resistance is Futile

Cocchiaro Cohen, Denise • A Tranquil Rain

deMos, Mark • Living On Wishes

DiPilla, Gwynn • Siena Cafe

Goodwin, MaryAnn • What Should I Wear Today

Gray, Katherine • Venice

Greene, Ann • Suncatchers


Heyer, Robert • The Boat Yard

Kirk, Mona • Fruit on a Shelf

Kubert, Theresa • Advice Column


Leggate, Pamela • Simple Pleasures

Maloney, Jim • Three Rubies

Maneva, Henrieta • New York City III-Union Square Broadway

Mayer, Randy • Low Battery!

Meadowsong, Peter • Vermont Roadside Junk

Mucci, Yvonne • Ode To Antoinette

Nace, Carol • Contemplating

Patton, Diana • Sunflowers in My Garden

Payer, Maria • One Eyed Jag

Pizzano, Isabella • The Visitor

Redden, Deborah • Shadows

Robinson, Nancy • Summer Sail

Rosenthal, Eli • Just The Guys

Rose, Marilyn • Streetery

Scherfen, Michael • The Gatekeeper, Williamsburg, VA

Scribner, Joyce • Wet Toesies

Shipman, MaryLou • Willie

St. Angel, Jackie • The New Normal

Sussna, Robert • Sergeantsville Boogie Woogie

Turba, Dee • Summer Home

Valenti, Thomas • Fun House, Point Pleasant, NJ

Zazenski, Steve • Bermuda Shadows

Ziegler, Eileen • Old Salt