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The New Jersey Watercolor Society Members Gallery

As an Elected Member of The New Jersey Water Color Society we would like to give you an opportunity to share some of the work that you have been doing over the years. This is an open gallery space and is not part of the exhibition work we have on display under the exhibitions link on this site. We will display that work here for other members and the public to view. We will limit the number of submissions to four paintings per member for one year. We hope to include some work by Associate members in the future.

Please email digital images of your art to the web master Michael Scherfen: mike@surfinscherfen.com


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Jinnie May


Bay View Inn, Belfast, Maine

                     Clock Tower Capri

                       Sunset on the Cape

Flo Rosenberg

White Pitcher with Apples & Pears

White Lilies With Pears and Oranges

Joys of Spring


                                                                                       Donald Voorhees

Home of Golf

Friendly Place

Greek Harbor

John V Curch

Live to Ride

Nashanic Wagon


Quiet Winter

                                                      Ronald McCarty

Somber Winter


Spanish Country

Maine Fishermen

                                                      Patricia Shamy

Wading Ibis

Ibis Roosting Flight

Fishing for Shad


Sheeps Head Catch

Maryann Burton

West 33rd

Best Diner in Manhattan

Hobie Cats, Ocean City





W. Carl Burger

Spring Turn

Bird Sanctuary at Noyes Museum

Window at Noyes Museum

NJ Turnpike

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